Photo Gallery

J.R, Nicolle, and Nancy with Sy Ellenhorn

Landis' Uniform

Nicolle and Nancy with Sy Ellenhorn and his significant other

Rachel, Shane, and Mr. Joseph C. Doherty.
Henry Gruber and Rachel
Gardner Taliaferro and Rachel 
Shane, Alex, and Rachel with Phil Hogue
Shane, Alex, and Rachel with Salvatore Orsini
The Starr Center Team (with Alex Foxwell, our new addition!)
Sue and Raz Kloman
Our interview with Mr. Davy McCall! A Chinese Interpreter for the ATIS during WWII,
 McCall has some amazing stories to share!
 From left to right, Rachel Brown, Mr. Davy McCall, Shane Benz. 
Rachel, mid-question!
Kimberly, Shane, Mr. Doherty, and Rachel!

 Rachel, Mr. Watson, Shane and Michael Buckley
 Rachel interviewing the former Commander!
 From left to right:
Vince Raimond, Erin Cooper, Shane, Mrs. Raimond, Rachel
Vince Raimond and his lovely wife, Leslie!

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  1. The StoryQuest World War II oral history interview project culminated in a Fall Semester public exhibition which is still touring the region, plus a fully produced multimedia staged production, including actors, live musicians and montages backing the actual interviews recorded for the program.

    The SQ-World War II Project continues this Spring Semester with a research training project led by the C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience director Adam Goodheart (a NYTs Best Selling Author for the book "1861" and the center's asst. dir. Jean Wortman. The semester-long workshop is focused around revisiting SQ-WWII interviewees in an effort to collect artifacts and memorabilia, including photos, documents, letters and diaries in an effort to round out the collection.

    During the summer of 2015, StoryQuest teachers Michael Buckley and Lani Seikaly will lead a paid summer internship and workshop project to continue to collect interviews with veterans and others who can shed light on the story of Chestertown during World War II. StoryQuest Summer Oral History Workshop, May 27-June 26.