StoryQuest 2013-2014: Veterans History Project

The C.V. Starr Center is honored to continue its collection of local history with the Veterans History Project. In efforts to preserve the past, the Starr Center has embarked on a wonderful journey of interviewing some of our nation's most cherished heroes from the local Kent County area. From the Battle of the Bulge to the naval battles of the Pacific, the incredible stories of our neighbors will forever be preserved.
In gathering these individual perspectives on our nation's past, we have been able to uncover a wide range of stories which enhance, and bring to life the history which has shaped the world we know today. With these interviews preserved, future generations will be able to gain crucial knowledge of such important periods, even when the generations of Americans which lived through them have long come to pass. In preserving their memories, the Starr Center looks not only to provide an educational resource, but to bring honor and respect our country's greatest heroes. 

Be sure to look for reflections written by our Student Associates. 

Also, check out our home base at the C.V. Starr Center!

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